About Us

timex being warn by hand
We love bargain watches. If you are like us, you see a watch not only as a functional machine but also as a piece of jewelry that you can wear and change to match the outfit that you wear.

That’s why most of our customers order many watches from us. Why have only one watch when you can have many at bargain prizes?


More About Us

At watchorb, we sell good quality watches at bargain prices.  Some are new but most are vintage, collectible or pre-owned watches that we have acquired

Where do you get your watches?

We get our watches from estate auctions. Most of them tend to be pre-owned.   Occasionally, there are few who have never been worn.

Do you give any warranty?

Every watch lot we buy, we test the individual watches to make sure they are running and put in new batteries if needed.  To be able to sell our watches at this bargain price, we cannot offer a guarantee, except to say that we guarantee that the watch will be working when you receive it.

Do you accept returns?

It is our general policy not to accept returns.  However, if the description does not fit the watch that you receive, we will consider a return request.

When do you ship after purchase?

It usually takes one business day for us to package and mail the watch to a buyer